Writing a Book

Last week I started reading aloud Owl Boy and the Voodoo Priest, written by the father of Luke’s best friend. Luke and Colton have loved the action-packed adventure, begging for me to read at bedtime. They are also very impressed that they know someone that’s written a book. “His book is on Amazon! That’s so amazing, Mom!” We talk about how it all starts with an idea and writing down a story. The next night, Colton jumps up and grabs a pencil and paper. “Let’s write a book, guys! I’ll be the writer and Luke you can be the ideas guy.” They beg to write and it’s easy to twist my arm. Luke throws out ideas all over the place. Colton interrupts, “Okay, wait, that’s enough, let me write this down.” He starts writing furiously and then reads aloud. “Chapter 1: Viper. On a deserted island, on a dark and stormy night, there was a lab. That lab had many machines not used for many many years. In 1977 there was an apocalypse that made the machines go out of control and destroyed the lab and made a huge dragon. The dragon laid five eggs. One egg was not just an egg, it was a special egg…”