Scrabble Spelling & Math

An early morning game of Scrabble got our morning off to a surprisingly better start than most days.

Colton pulled out the board game and I got my cup of coffee ready. Luke clamored to join in after we got started and we reset the game for a party of three.  The boys were more excited than I expected to form easy words. I made them figure out their point totals as we kept score. It was a sneaky way to practice spelling, reading, addition and “doubles” math when we hit a double word score box.  I modified the rules to make the game a little easier and hopefully encourage teamwork–if they helped each other form a word using both of their tiles they would both get the point score.

Luke turned “cab” into “cabin” and Colton got a kick out of turning “too” into “toot”.

The activity lasted about 20 minutes before the boys were bouncing out of their seats and needed to run around. We called the game. Colton: 70, Luke: 58, Mom: 45. “I’m number two, but we both beat Mom, yeah!”