Cooking Wednesday’s: EVOO Donuts 🍩

Colton is a 6-year-old ball of raw energy. That energy can be used for good or a lot of mischief at any moment. This morning I was determined to keep my cool and connect with him on something he cared about to better direct him.  I know that he loves to cook, so when he asked me if donuts were something people could make at home I asked him if he wanted to make some with me. We searched through cupboards together to find the donut baking tray I bought several years ago and tucked away. We found it stacked under odds and ends, then printed off a donut recipe that looked doable. In green crayon, Colton wrote down a list of the five missing ingredients we needed. We cajoled Luke into the car to go on a short shopping trip which was harder than necessary when going to buy ingredients to make donuts. After finally getting through the store (and of course a lunch stop) we made it back home with our supplies. Colton pulled out the cooking gear he got at Christmas time. We measured and sifted and stirred and poured. Colton showed off his egg-cracking abilities quite skillfully. He was intrigued that salt and sugar looked identical when poured on top of each other and had to know what that tasted like. He found out his answer quickly. As he ran off to spit and find water, I sped through a few steps in the process. After cooking and cooling off the donuts on a wire rack, I glazed them and they were finally ready to taste. Colton explained to Luke that we had six donuts in the tray so they each would get two, mom would get one and then they could each have half of the last one. When Luke was told to put his potion on his plate he replied in exasperation, “I don’t know whatever number that means, I just need one!” I moved the chocolate donut party to the backyard for mess containment reasons and the boys sat across from each other on the picnic bench. Luke raved, “Oh wow. This is the best donut I’ve ever tasted in my life. Great job, Colton.” Colton beamed.


Note: I have been looking for ways to increase all of our daily EVOO intake as we are working on following the Nemechek Protocol that in part calls for 1/2 Tbls. California EVOO a day for the boys’ age range. This recipe was perfect to substitute out butter/coconut oil for 3 Tbls. of EVOO — a nice 1/2 Tbls. EVOO per donut. A fun way to eat extra olive oil.

Original Recipe:

Donut Baking Tray: