Class Cookies

On Friday after school, Luke asked, “How many kids are in my class?” I told him I thought there were twelve or so. “No mom, I need to know exactly, like fourteen or fifteen?” I told him we have a school directory book and could count if he needed to know the exact number. He responded strongly, “Good. I’m so glad we have that book.” He had a sense of relief and firmness in his voice. I prodded him a little further to find out why he wanted to know. He informed me, “Today my teacher asked if anyone was doing something special this weekend and wanted to share. I got on the mic and said, ‘I’m baking cookies with my mom!’ And everyone was really interested and said ‘I want some, I want some’.  So I want to have enough for everyone. Mrs. Rehrer said yes.” I could tell this was a high priority for him and I liked where his heart was, so instead of baking cookies on Friday, we decided the cookies would be the freshest if we made them Sunday night. Colton decided he wanted to join his brother and make cookies for his small Kindergarten class as well.  Luke took care of the wet ingredients, Colton took care of the dry, Mom measured and made sure they would turn out tasty. Luke had a good time, “Mom, I’m getting into this. I like cooking! When it’s time for toppings, I want to make two different kinds. I  want to give options. I will make half of them chocolate chip and half of them M&M cookies. And Mom, what does ‘Sure’ mean? That’s actually what my teacher said. I hope that means yes.”