Reading Practice with Homemade Fortune Cookies

The boys ate their first fortune cookie with Saza last week. Notes in a cookie? It was a new concept. Ever since they have been asking me if we could make our own. I put off looking up “how to make fortune cookies” until this morning. I decided we could squeeze in some writing and reading practice while we were at it and the ingredients were simple enough.  The boys wrote up a few fortunes on little strips of paper, front and back.  Luke wrote, “Soon you will be very nice.” Colton wrote, “1 day you will go on a nice field trip” and “You will explore a new place.” I found out quickly after the first failed attempts it was not so easy to make your own fortune cookies. We made them too thick. Didn’t fold them fast enough. Folded them the wrong way. After we wrapped up the project, we watched a few YouTube videos to see what we did wrong and have some better ideas for next time. But in the end, the boys still enjoyed cracking open fortune cookie-esque treats and reading back their messages. “It still tastes like fortune cookies. And they have notes in them, mom. We did it!”

(folded the wrong way 🙂 )


Colton then branched off of this idea and started making signs using popsicle sticks, paper and tape.