Puzzle Strategy

Luke loves puzzles, but the 200 piece sets have been too tricky for him to do alone. The last time we finished the puzzle together he mostly left it for me to work on. After it was put together that time I decided to apply the Lego philosophy and took the puzzle apart a 1/4 at a time and put the pieces into 4 baggies. That way pieces were grouped together by major section. Luke asked for the puzzle last night and I told him I thought he could probably do the whole thing on his own and to focus on one bag at a time. The task broken down didn’t seem so daunting. He got so excited. “Mom, I can do this. You’re going to be so proud of me when I do the whole puzzle by myself. Colton are you going to be proud of me, too?” It took him all evening and part of the morning and he whooped with delight. “Tada! Look, my first big puzzle I did without anyone helping me!” Colton validated his brother, “Congratulations, Luke.”