Pumpkin Math

Luke has been asking to grow pumpkins ever since a recent class field trip to a pumpkin farm. “Mom, I will make a sign. It will tell everyone in the neighborhood to come in and pick a pumpkin. Can we take out all the grass in the yard? I need a big area to grow hundreds of pumpkins.”  He was bummed-out when I rejected that idea and reminded him we were renting our place and we could not take out the lawn in the backyard. He also didn’t like the fact that this wasn’t the time of year to grow pumpkins, even in sunny SoCal. But I gave him a small plot to farm in any case since his enthusiasm was so high.  To buy some time while I got the box situated, I told Luke he needed to count out 100 pumpkin seeds before he could start planting. I knew we wouldn’t use that many, but wanted him to practice his counting skills.   He was very excited about this but kept losing track as he counted. I had an idea and jotted down 1-100 on a piece of butcher paper. Luke carefully placed a seed on each number and asked what number he was on if he couldn’t figure it out. He was quite pleased with himself when he reached the big 100. When the garden box was setup, Luke took great care to open two new bags of dirt and carefully level out the soil. He lovingly planted a portion of his seeds and positioned the $6 scarecrow he picked out at Michael’s to watch over his garden. Chances are low that anything will grow, but we’ll have the garden box ready for spring.

UPDATE: 10/24/17 (2.5 weeks after planting)

One of the 25 seeds sprouted! We’ll see how this baby grows.