Sharing the AC

We’re in the middle of a heat wave this week. Our house is really hot, but the old window AC units in the bedrooms help a little bit.  I checked on the boys’ room before I went to bed around midnight to see if it had cooled down from the 95 degrees at 7:30 PM. The air felt a little cooler and not so suffocating, check. I noticed Luke’s bed looked a little flat. I checked under the covers and he wasn’t there. I looked over at Colton’s bed under the window and the curtain was pulled across the bed. I peeked underneath and found Luke curled up like a cat with his back against the wall, squeezed next to Colton in the small IKEA sized kid bed. Both fast asleep. The cool air from the AC unit above circulated under the tent of the curtain. The next day I told the boys the story and they laughed that I had checked on them after they fell asleep and that I had been confused about where Luke went and found them sleeping under the AC together. They then planned out how they were going to share Colton’s bed again tonight, and I got a few day time photos of their plans for later on this evening.