Boys at Work

“Mom, I need a work space. Just like yours. A computer. And a phone.” Luke was very persistent with his request so I pulled out my laptop and a side table next to the couch to make a small desk. I told Luke to grab a red chair from his room. “This is perfect. Okay, I’m working now. Can you show me pictures of Emirates airplanes? I’ll find the ones I need, but help me get to the screen. I have important work to do.” I click on one of the results and a YouTube video starts playing. “Mom, no, I’m working, people don’t watch videos when they work.” He spoke with a tone of authority and seriousness that one would expect from a demanding boss. Colton went analog and said he needed paper and pens. “I’ll draw up the plans of what’s going on here.” Later Colton wanted in on the action and refocus things on Ghostbusting. “Okay, show me how this thing works. It’s so annoying the page won’t go down. Click in the white space to get it to move? What are you talking about?”