Ghostbuster Proton Packs

The boys have been obsessed with The Ghostbusters lately. Through the kitchen window, I watched them run around, engrossed in a game where they acted out a made up Ghostbuster movie script that combined (loud) imaginative play and a whole bucket of chalk. They feverishly drew ghosts, portals, and proton streams all over the patio. I sighed a little about the vast extent of their chalk drawings, while at the same time impressed with the details of their movie. When looking at the patio, I happened to think about the garden sprayer I used to spray concrete cleaner a while back, and it gave me an idea. I found the cheapest pair of garden sprayers on Amazon and some duct tape. I taped down the strap (that would typically go over an adult’s shoulder to haul around the sprayer) in the middle to the container, creating backpack like straps for a small person. The garden sprayers are now official Ghostbuster Proton Packs to spray away chalk and more. Of course, the boys can only haul around so much water on their back and spraying water is a lot of fun, so there were a lot of requests for refills. Setting up a game where kids rely on help constantly is usually a deal breaker for me. I’d gone this far so thought fast. “Luke, Colton, come here, Ghostbusters. I’ll refill your pack, but you need to use this water supply to get rid of these ghost word,” and wrote sight words on the fence with chalk, in the dirt with sticks, on the concrete with water. We repeated many times. I’m pretty sure they have “The” “Was” “He” and other simple words down after that exercise. At the very least they are getting good practice for a possible future career in spraying for bugs or lawn maintenance.