Goldfish Parents

The boys were bursting with excitement when Mom and Dad said yes to a fish after saying no to a dog (we’re not quite there yet).  “Let’s go right now, I’m soo excited!” I told Luke we couldn’t go that day, but we’d go after school on Friday and after the boys cleaned their room. Early this morning, before the green light went off, Luke started cleaning up Legos. “Colton, I’m going to start cleaning. This is a big job.”  Later in the afternoon when the room passed the test we made it to the fish store. They bypassed the fancier fish and beelined for the goldfish tank. Each made very specific fish selections and then the store clerk made a compelling case for a tank that had a few extras to help keep the water cleaner longer that sounded good to me. Luke was quite concerned they would make it home okay in the large plastic bag filled with tank water. Once all put together and fish successfully transferred, the boys stared at the tank in amazement. “They are home. We’re fish owners!” Welcome, Goldy and Sparkly.