The Finding Place

Tumble Leaf is an Amazon original animated series that the boys have especially fallen in love with lately. They liked the show when they were younger, but have recently become huge fans again. Each show starts out with a funny crab pulling a random item from the ocean (bag of coins, flashlight, mirror, etc.) and tossing it into the “The Finding Place” (an old chest jimmied up to spring and rope that causes chimes to ring when a new object lands in the box). Fig the Fox, hears the chimes and checks out what’s in the box. The show follows along based on how Fig makes use of the simple object. The boys wanted to build their own Finding Place. We wandered the aisles at Home Depot, and when I came across wooden crates, I ditched the idea of building a whole box and just grabbed wood for a box lid, some hinges, and a sparkling drawer knob. I cut the box lid (slightly too small) and muscled on the hinges and knob. Not perfect, but plenty good enough. We nestled the box into the tree and I tied a piece of twine around the handle and wrapped around the tree branch. Rummaged around in the garage for some noisy items to add to the plan. “Mom, I love this. This is so much better than I thought!” The boys took turns surprising each other with loading up something random in The Finding Place, exclaiming after setting off the jingle of the bells, “Something new is in the finding place, I wonder what it is!”


FindingPlace-01 FindingPlace_Blog_Vert-1 FindingPlace-03 FindingPlace-05 FindingPlace-04 FindingPlace-06 FindingPlace-07 FindingPlace-08 FindingPlace-09  FindingPlace_Blog_Vert-2 FindingPlace-12 FindingPlace-10 FindingPlace_Blog_Vert-3 FindingPlace-13 FindingPlace-14 FindingPlace-15 FindingPlace-16 FindingPlace-17