Ninja Lessons

This morning, Marc headed off to work to cover what would be the second round of lopsided NFL playoff games, and I lounged around in pajamas with the boys for a couple of hours. Late in the morning I finally got it together and off to church. After service, I picked the boys up from the kid’s program and we went to the courtyard for refreshments and to chat with friends. Luke and Colton each carefully used tongs to pick out one mini chocolate donut from the snack options. Manners were respectable. They both hugged Saza. Luke gave each of us kisses on the nose. Cute. But their antsiness, hunger for lunch, and little sugar rush had them in quite a mood. Anytime I turned to talk to others they turned up the heat. Earlier in the week I had a few role playing sessions with the boys to practice alternatives for getting my attention when they felt like interrupting an adult conversation or were ready to go. That practice had no impact on today’s actions. Yelling for mom’s attention, being overly silly tossing cups and spilling water, pulling hard on my sweater, and alike did get across the message they wanted my attention and were ready to go, but left them with a very frustrated mother. We finally made it to the car after a couple of firm talks and drove around in silence. At home, they hugged me and said they’d try again next time, but most of their attention was on food and Legos. The day floated on. Over dinner, an inspired meal of cheese quesadillas and plate of raspberries, we recapped the day. I picked up a few of their Lego Ninjas from the floor and acted out the morning scene. They especially liked my fake cries as the kid ninjas tugged on the mom ninja and made a scene. This discussion immediately led for them to reach for markers and paper to draw how mom was feeling and came up with a lot of tangent storylines. “We are working on our relationship down by the dock. Oh, and there is a boat, and we get on the boat. And then the boat is attacked!” A mixture of humor, short attention spans, and maybe food for thought filtered through.

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