Drawing Feelings

After reading (well listening to the audio book) Siblings Without Rivalry, I have been trying out a few techniques to help weather some storms. The boys are best buddies, but they can also get intensely upset with one another. Luke was spitting mad and losing it. I picked him up and we sat at the kitchen table. I tried not to offer any advice at all but reflected back how he was feeling. “You are feeling so angry with your brother. It really hurt your feelings that he took your favorite ninja out of your hand.” I then encouraged him to draw how he was feeling. He sketched an angry face. He vented a little further and then cooled off a bit. He was heard.  After a few minutes of calm, I asked him to draw a picture of how he was feeling now.  He drew a happy face. Very weary I asked him if he was sure. “Yes, Mom, I feel happy. My anger is not in my heart anymore.” The process is not perfect, but it’s been a helpful tool in my back pocket.