Stuffed Animal Christmas

The day after Christmas, the boys were ready to take down decorations and haul out the Christmas tree. The tree was starting to sag a bit and had been up for three weeks, so I didn’t mind getting on with it. The Christmas tree made it to the backyard at about 10 AM. Suddenly the boys ran for the wrapping paper and empty cardboard boxes and shouting with excitement wanted to wrap presents for their stuffed animals: Woofy, William Joseph, Lily H., William O., and Teddy the Green Ninja. I encouraged Luke to do the cutting and taping, Colton to do the writing as they pulled together Christmas presents for the gang. They grouped their stuffed animals together inside the house and periodically moved them closer and closer to the back door, announcing that they needed to hurry to get ready. When the time came, they ripped open the wrapping paper and feigned excitement for the pretend gifts on behalf of their stuffed friends. I then pulled out a trash bin and a stool and told the boys about the exciting activity of cleaning up after their pretend Christmas fun.

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