Secret Christmas Hideout

The other day the boys wanted to make a secret hideout. The climbing dome seemed to be the perfect frame for the project so I first moved the dome off the wood chips and onto the grass so they could play underneath the structure. We pulled out old blankets and put one on top for the roof and another on the bottom to lie on. The boys added their pillows and a few small throw blankets. Luke asked for Christmas decorations, and I found the extra string of lights and leftover tree ornaments. With a little help, they decorated their hideout. I strung the lights, and the boys hung ornaments. Luke found a small stocking and asked for their Halloween candy to fill it up with sweets. They made up games about falling asleep and waking up to Christmas morning. I kept an eye on them, but they were good with the way they carefully maneuvered around their decorations. At night I put away the bedding, and the boys climbed in the glow of the lights. “The lights are so colorful! I love it!” I showed Luke the photos in the morning and he said, “My favorite are the ones with Luke and Colton. Together. Not the ones with just Luke or just Colton.” He then inquired about the blurry light, “Wait, how does it do that in the picture? Why are some different sizes? Why do some of these look like mini ninja tornadoes?” I gave him a brief beginners lesson in depth of field and bokeh.

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