Backyard Camp Site

The gas pipe in the outdoor fire pit was finally replaced on Saturday after the old one had fallen apart months ago.  The next day the boys couldn’t wait to break it in and set up camp.  In the late afternoon, I pitched the play tent, brought out their sleeping bags and lit the fire. They were bursting with excitement.  “Fire! Can I  burn stuff in it? Can I pour water on it? Can I…” I had to settle them down and establish some ground rules. They took a seat and stared at the flames for the longest time, then decided to amuse each other by falling over backward in their little chairs (over and over) as they waited for the mini hot dogs to cook over the fire. After dinner, I asked the boys if they knew what was next. Colton answered, “My tricks?” That was not quite what I was thinking of and gave him a hint that it had to do with the fire. “Maybe do my tricks on the fire?” Oh boy. Time for S’mores! I found a couple of branches, and they got to it. I cut them off at 3 S’mores each, they buzzed in circles and then asked to brush their teeth to get ready for their outdoor sleepover.  After reading one quick book, I tucked them into their sleeping bags and went inside.  6 minutes later they sheepishly walked through the back door. “It’s too scary. We saw an orange bug flying in our tent! We want to sleep in real beds.” and they walked into their room.  The next day they kept talking about how fun it was to make a fire and camp in the backyard. “And when we put up the big tent, we can sleep outside. When we’re a whole family, all together we won’t be scared. Dad can sleep in the middle and protect us.”

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