Car Bingo & Letter Sounds

The boys have a natural fascination with cars and love talking about the different kinds they see everyday. “Mom, there are so many Toyotas in our life!” as their eyes now track and filter through the car emblems that swirl around us in this car culture of Los Angeles. “Mom, why does Toyota say ‘Toy’? It’s just like ‘Toys 4 Us’!” I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate their interests with learning the sounds of letters so I ran with the current topic of discussion. From the driver seat, I threw out names of cars and asked them if they could figure out the first letter of the words, from AAAcura to VVVolkswagen. I found a Car Bingo printable online and changed it a bit to include car logos that had the full name of the car. Not trusting the boys quite yet with a dry erase marker, I attached a strip of gold stars to the corner they could use to mark off when a particular car was spotted. The game was a hit.

carbingo-3 carbingo-2

You can download our sheet: Car Bingo, Learning Letter Sounds

CAR BINGO covers the following letter sounds:

A – Acura, Audi
B – Buick
C – Cadillac, Chrysler
D – Dodge
F – Ford
H – Honda, Hyundai
I – Infinity
J – Jaguar, Jeep
K – Kia
L – Lexus, Land Rover
M – Mercedes, Mazda, Mini Cooper
N – Nissan
P – Porsche
S – Subaru
T – Toyota, Tesla
V – Volkswagen

It does not include: