Luke: Legos > Homework

Luke started his first day of Elementary school at our local public school this week. On the first day he came home with homework sheets. Not a huge deal, just two simple sheets to color in a drawing, complete a number shape on the dotted line type of thing. Luke halfheartedly colors in a small portion of the sheet and says, “I already did a lot of hard work coloring in class. Why do I have to do more? This is boring.” He did the basic task, and I filed the sheets away into the side of his blue folder marked “Homework” and stuck back into his backpack. Coloring a fish orange might bore him to tears, but coming up with a new airplane design using his Legos sparks new life into him before bedtime. “Mom, I never thought to do this before. These underwater ship Legos we took apart make good airplane engines. I need the tiny side piece to attach them.” He scours the massive bin of Legos to locate the small item in his mind. I find one, but he finds the second one. “Okay watch me build this.” After assembly, he loads his plane up with passengers, welcoming each of them as they take a seat in his best intercom voice. “Welcome, would you please want a snack. Have a good flight!”

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