Star Chart

I bought a $0.60 poster board and a $1.90 pack of star stickers. As it turns out, this has been the best $2.50 I’ve spent in a while.  I wanted an easy way to encourage good behavior and reward acts of kindness but didn’t have a plan. So without thinking, I hung the poster board on the fridge. Looked at the pack of stars and put one on the empty board. Okay, that’s easy enough for me. I told the boys they could add a sticker to our collective star chart when we did nice things for each other. When we felt mad but didn’t explode on each other, that was star worthy. When we did something especially kind or helped each other, that was star worthy. Colton asked me to write down some of our ideas. We titled it, “I Love You…” and then listed a few ways we can show our love. “I stopped my anger”, “I was kind”, “I was helpful”, “I shared”, and Colton’s addition, “I care about you.” It hasn’t magically cured anything, but I have seen kindness levels go up a bit. I’ve even stopped my own outburst and given myself a star. Luke ran into the house the other day, shouting, “I’m putting a star on for Colton! He did the nicest thing and helped me so I didn’t fall!”

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