Simple Play

Sometimes I spend too much time on Pinterest checking out cool craft and therapy ideas, but then realize they take more patience and materials than I can muster up. I keep gravitating back to the simple and not too perfect ideas that many times come from using what we have on hand. I tossed a pack of carrot seeds into my cart months ago thinking it would be one of many vegetables we could grow in a garden I never started. I pinned the pack of seeds to my corkboard of misc papers I want to keep track of by the back door and grabbed them one day when looking for something to lift the mood in the house. The boys showed great interest in planting the seeds and without much fuss, we found a patch of unused dirt in the backyard that likely isn’t the most nutrient soil, but can do the job of growing seeds into vegetables if enough water is applied.  Luke has taken it upon himself to make sure the carrots keep getting watered. There was great joy when they discovered, “It’s not weeds, the carrots are growing!” Yesterday, after watering his carrots, Luke noticed vine offshoots growing from one of the bushes nearby and asked if they could be cut off. He tried with his scissors, but they were not strong enough. I pulled out the sharper branch trimmers and though it was a struggle he managed to push the handles together with all of his might and trim the stray vines. We used a vine to create a “bridge” from one tree stump to another.  Then, belly in the sandbox, Luke played with his toy sea creatures pretending they were swimming in water. I remembered the time Luke could not even stand the feel of grains of sand on his toes. A lot of simple play, a lot of growing.

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