Two Days After Christmas

This Christmas was tough and didn’t go as I planned.  We held it together Christmas morning, and the boys were excited and got lots of amazing gifts from all sides of the family. However, I quickly returned to bed after presents were opened and spent Christmas under the covers very sick with the flu/cold. The whole household was sick to varying degrees.  Luckily Marc​ (also not feeling well) stepped in and took over, though had to deal with a sick wife and two “feisty” little boys under the weather that just landed a surge of new toys.  The mood of our household has been low (and chaotic) given how we’ve been feeling and now, two days after Christmas, some life has returned as we start to get a little better. Four highlights from today to counter the harder stuff. 1.) Luke and Colton enjoyed watching experiments make their new volcano erupt. “Mom, I’m scared, will it shoot up to me? Wait, do volcanoes exist in real life?” 2.) Luke and Colton put on doctor badges and stethoscopes and had to check on the health of their puppy dogs. “Oh, I don’t hear a heartbeat, this one is dead. Ahh, now this one is alive!” 3.)  I somehow got talking to Luke about medicine and how some pills need to be swallowed, not chewed. Luke said, “Yes, I’m a doctor, I know how, I’ll show you.” Ha, really?, well Dr. Mom read an article weeks ago about how to teach your child to swallow pills, so I decided here’s my opening, let’s give it a try. I have these awesome Krill Oil pills I’ve been plotting on how to give to Luke. I gave Dr. Luke a glass of water with a straw (the key tip in the article), and he swallowed it down with no problem. 4.) Luke basked in his success for a while and then said he was done being a Dr. and just Luke again.

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