You’re Magical

Winter in Southern California today felt like a mild 75 degrees summer day, but I still put on my light winter-themed sweater and fuzzy purple socks. I took the boys to a park in Santa Monica and wandered around the upscale mall to check out decorations. I fed the boys a super healthy dinner and gave them a chocolate coin if they would keep it together and keep walking back to the parking garage. We made a detour and passing the large Christmas tree they stopped and said, “Wow! That’s the most beautiful tree! Stop here, this is where we can eat our chocolate coin.” They sat on the ground in front of the massive fake presents and unwrapped the foil to eat their chocolate. I was prohibited from taking photos during this time. With a kid holding each hand, we rode escalators back up to the garage. I stopped in front of a pretty tree wrapped in white lights and told them I wanted a photo. They finally consented and jumped up on the ledge and said, “let’s hug!” Hugging got a little too squeezy in Luke’s opinion, and we moved along back to the car. When buckling Luke into the car he told me, “You’re magical mom.” I asked him why, what do you mean. He responded, “I love you, that’s why.”