Garbage Truck’s Birthday Party

The boys hosted a birthday party for their garbage trucks. Cake, party hats, and a few decorations in the trees. After singing happy birthday and blowing out the birthday candles, the garbage trucks ate their cake. They needed to repeat at least 3 or 4 times.

garbagetruckbirthday-02 garbagetruckbirthday-03a garbagetruckbirthday-03b garbagetruckbirthday-04a garbagetruckbirthday-04b garbagetruckbirthday-05 garbagetruckbirthday-06 garbagetruckbirthday-07 garbagetruckbirthday-08 garbagetruckbirthday-09 garbagetruckbirthday-10 garbagetruckbirthday-11 garbagetruckbirthday-12a garbagetruckbirthday-12b garbagetruckbirthday-12c