“I love hammering cars.”

I have been trying to think of a motivating game for Luke to help strengthen his hands and arms. It hit me (pun intended) that he might like to demolish cheap toys cars with a mallet or hammer.  I gathered a few we had around the house, and it was a hit.  What kid doesn’t like to “break stuff”? Both boys thought this was the greatest game they ever played.  They worked hard to flatten their cars, hammer off the wheels and smash out the car windows.  I couldn’t resist and had to look for a set of the cheapest, most poorly reviewed toy cars on Amazon and found one that came out to $0.22 a car.  After smashing the cars, the fun didn’t end there.  The cars were sorted for parts, piled high in junk heaps, hauled off in garbage trucks, hammered down for a second and third time. Tubs of smashed cars have been lugged around and reused in all sorts of ways.  Each day Luke has been sitting for 25-30 minutes at a time on his stability disc, hammering away with a fairly heavy hammer.  Surprisingly he has done amazing well in his recent OT sessions, and all this hammering may have played a small part.