Tear-free Haircut

Luke hates haircuts. He cries just thinking about getting one.  Well, we have actually had one good experience before, but overall it’s been very difficult. A few months ago a friend sent me a link to an article titled Does Your Child Hate Haircuts? This Barber Helped a Boy Love Them! The article referenced a link to look up barbers in your area that are extra great with kids that have a hard time with haircuts. Today I checked out the list and found the one closest to us was 11 miles away in Encino, CA: Carmen’s Kids & Co. I was happy to make the drive and give it a try. The place is in the back of the Plaza de Oro shopping center (note: can’t see it from the street) with plenty of parking.  There is also a Menchies Frozen Yogurt store in the complex, a perfect post haircut treat. Carmen greeted us with a smile and immediately joked around with Luke to put him at ease. Luke hesitated but was okay sitting in the barber chair. Carmen was able to cut Luke’s hair all the while making jokes and keeping Luke in a good mood. He has a kid friendly technique for not combing through any tangles (just pulls them to the end and cuts them off!) to make the process as pain-free as possible.  Carmen was amazing with Luke, and his shop was a kids’ delight that didn’t overwhelm the senses.  I look forward to coming back with Luke again next time we need a haircut.