Mini Training Camp

While NFL Training Camp gets underway later this month, the boys have started building balance and core strength on a mini training course at home. Luke’s physical therapist recommended we start with balance beams and stability discs to work out the core muscles.  I buried a few boards in the dirt and picked up three stability discs for about $13 each on Amazon to make a balancing obstacle course game. Slightly smaller versions of the above discs sell for about double the cost at kid’s therapeutic equipment retailers! And, in this case, I can walk the course too.

SandboxYears_846_balancecourse2 SandboxYears_846_balancecourse5 SandboxYears_846_balancecourse4 SandboxYears_846_balancecourse3

SandboxYears_846_balancecourse6b SandboxYears_846_balancecourse6c SandboxYears_846_balancecourse6 SandboxYears_846_balancecourse7